Adopt A Class Program

Fellow Adopt A Class Sponsors,

Let me begin by saying that, ” yes, we did it again!” All 65 classes and clubs have been sponsored for the second consecutive year, 2010-2011. Thank you sponsors, thank you.

I know that¬† I have “bombarded” you with phone calls during those moments when you just wanted some down time, but believe me, it was well worth it. I had a wonderful time just catching up with you during those sessions as well. You were all so wonderful, kind and sweet to me, so much so that I really did not feel like I was invading your time.

You are truly awesome supporters of the Cause and I urge you to continue your kindness to the Adopt A Class program in the future.  The students of Titchfield (our beneficiaries) are truly blessed to have such caring adults in their lives.


Jackie Mangaroo-Moo
Adopt A Class Ambassador


2010-2011 SPONSORS

Dr. Kingsley Chin
James and Patricia Merritt
Stafford and Grace Barton
Delroy Sancko
Ivy Mangaroo
Edith Walsh-March
Rose Shim
Michael & Jacqueline Webley
Gem Rhodd
Marie Logan
Vivienne Taylor
Carmen Rose
Lorna Lewis
Dave Vaz
Ricardo McNichol
Carol McNichol-Benjamin
Anna Chin-Casey
Hugh Perry Jr. and Family
Kim Chin
Jean Kong
Norma Lubsey

Winsome (Betty) Chapman
Jenifer Chapman-Braithwaite
Carlene McKenzie-Williams
Dr. Suzette Panton
Dr. Vincent Lubsey
Barbara Chapman-Edwards
Jackie Mangaroo-Moo
Annie Fuller
Barry Fuller
Bridget Fuller-Graves
Jean Danford-Amritt
Beverly Morris-Michelin
Courtney Pottinger
Herma Stewart
Andre Danford
Fritz Jumpp
Hyacinth Sharriah Fray
Orville and Seliene Bignall
Sydney Lester

Don Yu
Derrick Stone
Corrine Reid
Angela Stewart
Maureen Carter
Barbara Holgate-Nicholls
Dahlia Murdock-Campbell
Sylvan Taylor
Ian Buchanan
Edison and Linda Chin
Brian Lee
Theresa Scott-White
Winsome Murdock-Lake
Eudith Jackson-Morrison
Dame Karlene Leiba-Davis
Dr. Judith Green-McKenzie
Sherryl Beckford-Scott
Jamaica Groceries
Dr. Norman Allen
Paulette Richards-Bodah
Roy Fuller