Become a Member of TAATHS!

TAATHS is now accepting memberships!

If you’re interested in becoming a dues-paying member of TAATHS, download and print the application.

Who can become a member of the Alumni Association?

Any individual who attended the school (whether graduated or not), or who taught at the school is eligible to become a member of the Association. This includes those who attended prior to Titchfield becoming a high school.

Why should I join?

The best reason to join The Alumni Association is to support the activities of the Association, who in turn, assist the school with its financial needs. Other reasons to join are:
• Enjoy voting privileges
• Become involved in the decision-making process
• Receive discounts on some TAATHS events
• Experience the gratification of “giving back” to your alma mater

How much does it cost to join?

Dues are $30.00 per year and renew on a rolling basis. This means that, if you join TAATHS on July 15th, you will not need to renew again until the following July 15th. You will have all the rights and privileges of membership throughout the year and you will receive ample notice to renew when the time comes. Your active status in the Association will continue as long as you pay the annual dues. However, whether you are active or not, your contact information will remain part of the TAATHS database with all of the guarantees of privacy intact.

Are there different types of membership?

Yes! There are three classes of membership:
(a) Full – Past attendee or graduate of Titchfield High School (formerly known as Titchfield School) who has enrolled and paid the Annual dues, as determined by the Board of Directors
(b) Life – Contribution of $1,000 or more
(c) Honorary – The Board of Directors may, from time to time, elect persons Honorary members of the association, who are not otherwise eligible to become Full members or Life members.
The dues for “Full” or “Honorary” membership is $30 per year.

How do I join?

Download and print the Registration Form to send with your check (payable to “TAATHS”). Complete the form and mail in, with your dues, to the address on the bottom of the form. The Director of Membership will input your information in the member database.
Mail your Registration Form and check to:
The Alumni Association of Titchfield High School
12672 85th Road N
West Palm Beach, FL 33412